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Connecting WA

One of Inspiring WA's goals is to connect Western Australia's STEM communication and engagement ecosystem to create synergies in the sector.

We do this by promoting partnerships, supporting networking opportunities and connecting organisations in our network.

The STEM Engagement and Communication Ecosystem

We all know how important it is to increase STEM education and engagement. To ensure no Western Australian is left behind there's organisations and community groups working across all levels of the community.


Here at Inspiring WA we've been working with stakeholders to map the STEM engagement ecosystem. The map will highlight the great work being done, help you find like-minded organisations and encourage collaboration in the science engagement and communication community. Keep an eye on this page to see the first draft. 

WA STEM Connect.png

WA STEM Connect

We're not alone in sensing the need for increased collaboration, Scitech have been collating a directory of their WA STEM Connect participants. This directory, will enable organisations to deep dive into the various programs on offer across WA to help you find your next partner. 

Regional Science

A series of Science Engagement organisations exist across WA, working to empower regional communities by increasing science dialogue and literacy through local science programs and initiatives.

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