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Announcing the recipients of the Inspiring WA STEM Grant

Inspiring WA is excited to announce the recipients of the 2024 Inspiring WA STEM Grants.

This grant round was open from 26 February to 28 March 2024. Applications that demonstrated their partnership with or engagement of underrepresented groups, involved novel or innovative programs, and were delivered in partnership with local organisations and STEM professionals were favoured. 

The Maths Universe: Using Puzzles to Support Numeracy - City of Wanneroo, Wanneroo 


The program offers a sequence of math workshops to be held at nearby Wanneroo libraries, encouraging children and their parents to participate in interactive math explorations together. Emphasising the use of captivating sensory materials, puzzles, and picture books to delve into mathematical concepts, the initiative aims to underscore libraries as vibrant hubs for alternative learning within the community. Additionally, it seeks to establish a dedicated maths learning program and a Math and Puzzles Club for community members. 


Synapse: With Nyungar Language Depictions - Perth Strange Festival, Perth 


Synapse is a captivating 20-meter-long interactive art installation, showcasing a striking representation of an eyeball, an optic nerve tunnel and a brain. This exhibit incorporates Nyungar (Noongar) language elements to depict anatomy and physiology. The project strives to attract individuals from diverse backgrounds, not only those already intrigued by science, biology, and anatomy but also those who may have felt disconnected or excluded from these subjects. This installation was created by Dr. Flaminia Coiacetto, a veterinarian and academic specialising in anatomic pathology. 

Storytime Science and Little Bang Discovery Club - Mount Barker Public Library, Mount Barker 


Storytime Science and the Little Bang Discovery Club are engaging programs designed to spark curiosity and learning for young children and their families. Catering to preschoolers aged three to five years and five to seven-year-olds respectively, these initiatives use interactive sessions and hands-on activities to introduce fundamental STEM concepts in a fun and accessible way. Storytime Science offers captivating adventures through storytelling, introducing scientific principles, while the Little Bang Discovery Club delves deeper into STEM subjects through age-appropriate experiments, games, and discussions. 

Level Her Up: Game Development for Women and Non-Binary Innovators - Level Her Up (in partnership with Let's Make Games), Murdoch 


Level Her Up is committed to empowering women and gender-diverse people through the world of game development. This initiative offers a sequence of full-day workshops in game development, specifically crafted for beginners. The program culminates in a dynamic Game Jam, providing participants with the chance to put their newfound skills into practice. Throughout the project, seasoned mentors from the game industry offer continuous support. Game development serves as an exhilarating avenue for problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork.

Hidden Connections - Hopetoun Community Resource Centre, Hopetoun 


This project comprises two weekend workshops highlighting the intersection of artistry and STEM. Over one weekend, Stephanie June Ellis will lead participants in an exploration of the hidden geometry found in plants and oceans, delving into the beauty of the Fibonacci sequence and the patterns of phyllotactic spirals. The subsequent weekend will feature workshops facilitated by Lisa White from Kangamia Creative, focusing on the exploration of natural patterns and geometric shapes through the art of weaving. These workshops offer a platform for community engagement with STEM concepts through artistic expression. 

Critters Up Close - Cunderdin Community Resource Centre Inc, Cunderdin 


This event offers a hands-on exploration of aquatic creatures, providing students and community members with the opportunity to delve into freshwater and saltwater ecosystems within Australian wildlife. Featuring a variety of educational displays and resources focused on climate conservation and species survival, the program aims to inspire future involvement and careers in fields such as marine conservation, zoology, veterinary science, wildlife management, and beyond. 


Girls Programming Network Perth Node (in partnership with UWA Data Institute), Crawley 


Girls Programming Network empowers high school-aged girls and gender-diverse students by providing them with opportunities to enhance their confidence and skills in technology. Through programming workshops held every term, the network prioritises community building, the cultivation of coding proficiency, connections with peers who share similar interests, and the nurturing of a strong sense of belonging within the group. 


STEMBOT Saturday - The Shire of Harvey Libraries, Australind 


STEMBOT Saturday is a hands-on robotic workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge robotics, experiencing firsthand the capabilities of Bee bots, Sphero Indi, and Micro-bit compatible robots through engaging demonstrations. These demonstrations aim to ignite curiosity and establish a tangible link to the concepts of programming and technology. 


Future grants 

If you or your organisation missed out on a WA STEM grant, we encourage you to apply next year.

Find tips for a successful grant application and further information here.

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