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Community STEM Project

Date: 18 August 2021 Location: Dandaragan Primary School

Dandaragan, centrepiece of the Turquoise Coast, is developing a STEM expo for the ages this National Science Week!

Dandaragan Primary School has joined forces with Dandaragan Playgroup, Dandaragan Library and Dandaragan Community Resource Centre to develop an interactive and educational quartet of hands-on STEM activities for families, pre-schoolers, and wider community members.

  1. The Creation Station challenges participants in building activities, including creating their own kites, puppets and marble mazes.

  2. The Robotic Exploration Station will see participants use a wide variety of digital and hands-on invention kits and computer science to bring robotic ideas and technological inventions to life.

  3. The Challenge Area tasks participants to work individually or in groups to solve a science problem – like building a structurally-sound tall tower, a boat that floats, a catapult and more.

Proudly presented by Dandaragan Primary School.



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