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Dawul RCS STEM Showcase for Parents and Community

Date: 20 August 2021 Location: Dawul Remote Community School

How good are you at using technology? Good enough to teach your community?

That’s exactly what students at Dawul Remote Community School, in WA’s far north-east have been challenged to do. This year, the indigenous student body at Dawul RCS will become familiar with new technologies and STEM activities – including Blue-Bot, user-friendly robots; 3D printing activities; Merge Cubes for learning about augmented reality; and Maker’s Empire technological literacy programs – with the aim of becoming the region’s resident STEM and technology experts.

Students will then be further challenged to educate the wider community on their exciting new learnings. For their formal National Science Week celebration, students will teach their parents, a neighbouring Doon Doon remote school, and wider community what they have learnt and how their skills can be used, during the Dawul Community STEM Showcase Day.

The initiative is an active application of the National Training Library’s Learning Pyramid, which states students retain up to 90% of new knowledge through teaching others their learned concepts and skills.

Proudly presented by Dawul Remote Community School.



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