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Edith Cowan University – Dr Magda and the Nerdy Nards Chemistry Zoom Party

Monday 17 August | 6.00pm - 8.00pm


The chemistry team at Edith Cowan University, in partnership with the Children’s University of WA, will deliver an exciting and interactive series of science demonstrations and experiments, live from the ECU Super Labs.

The aim of the activity is to spark a curiosity of chemistry that can be found all around us, including in our homes. The team will create hands-on science ‘kits’ and fun experiments to take viewers on a journey of scientific exploration. These practical experiments will cover the absorbance properties of polyacrylate polymers in nappies, instant snow and water beads; analysing inks and food dyes using thin layer chromatography; pH investigations using home-made indicators. The entire group will conduct these experiments together, developing skills in modern scientific methodology, enquiry and communication. The workshops will be adapted to the differing needs of the students’ age, cognition and literacy levels.

To engage with the participants, the chemistry team will develop science kits, with all the necessary PPE and family friendly reagents, in readiness to post to participants.

The event will be lived streamed by a professional videographer, to give a 3D view of the experiments and state of the art science instruments and equipment in the ECU Super Labs. Through the Zoom platform, and in addition to the science experiments, they will run a Q&A facility so that participants have the opportunity to ask our scientists questions as we go, plus fun and informative science polls and quizzes to monitor their engagement and understanding.

Note: For WA residents only

Due to this event being sponsored by Inspiring Australia WA, and the timing of producing and sending the science kits through the post we are only accepting registrations from participants who reside in Western Australia.

Register online. Any questions? Email Michelle Austin, Science Engagement Coordinator.

Please note: Participants total 150 people and capacity has been reached.

However, you can still watch the fun! This event will be recorded, and we will provide the link, so you can view this in your own time.

We thank Edith Cowan University for contributing this information. We acknowledge that the content has not been altered from the original intent of the author.

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