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Fervor - Food Experience

Date: 14 to 20 August 2021 Location: Mukinbudin District High School

This National Science Week, embark on an Australian gastronomic journey exploring the local, indigenous, and sustainable food sources available right at our fingertips.

Mukinbudin District High School is proud to host the culinary masterminds behind the homegrown recipe book Fervor; a publication that uses native Australian produce at the heart of its ingredients list, from ocean to forest to desert. Led by head chef and author Paul Iskov, the workshop series will provide the Mukinbudin community with a depth of understanding and experience in tasting amazing foods we have never thought of eating.

Explore various food sources from around Australia, learn about their origins and history, and delicious ways to prepare and eat them. Dine on local foraged foods, as well as sustainable native foods like emu, crocodile and barramundi swim bladder. Learn why sustainable eating is important while nourishing your body at the same time – a delicious and enriching experience for all!

Proudly presented by Mukinbudin District High School.

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