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Greg Quicke: Astronomer and Author

Date: 2 August 2021

Location: Broome Public Library

Why are the stars over Broome so spectacular and the tides so dramatic? How do the sun and moon govern tidal movements and how is this tied to seasons? How can we communicate fascinating scientific concepts like these to wide audiences?

Discover all this and more, as celebrity astronomer and author Greg Quicke heads to Broome Public Library to discuss all things astronomy this National Science Week. Greg Quicke, a contributor to the ABC and BBC, will give direct insights into Broome-based astronomic and weather-based phenomenon within a framework of scientific and non-fiction writing. The event will form a part of the finale to the three-day Broome-based Corrugated Lines Writers Festival and will provide a launching pad for Broome’s National Science Week celebrations across the month of August.

Proudly presented by Broome Public Library.

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