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The Farm to Fork Game Challenge: By HEIWA, Farm to Fork ECU and Switch Your Thinking

Uses Farm to Fork computer game to engage young people in learning about commercial food system and food choices on our health and environment. Takes users on a journey to find out about how food is produced, from the farm to consumption. The game incorporates budgeting, with the aim of it to maximise profits while ensuring nutritional/healthy and environmentally viable produce.

The initiative incorporates three events using zoom:

- 17 August 4:30pm to 5:10pm – aimed at youth/students

- 20 August 5pm to 5:40pm – aimed at youth/students

- 18 August 3:45 to 4:45 – aimed at parents / educators

Youth/student events’ facilitator will explore food waste issues, play the game as a collective group, have a Q&A session and a pledge box.

Parent / educator event has a presentation from ECU on how computer games can be used in education. Facilitator will then work through the game with participants as above. Debrief discussion on how to use this game to engage children in science, technology and health.

We thank HEIWA, Fark to Fork ECU and Switch Your Thinking for contributing this information. We acknowledge that the content has not been altered from the original intent of the author.

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