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Hopetoun CRC – The Sea and Me

Join Hopetoun Community Resource Centre for a week of Deep Blue themed activities!

Friday 14 August - Leading up to NSWk, Hopetoun is hosting a competition for general public, creating an artistic piece on ocean inspired themes. Competition closes 14 August.

Monday 17 August - The Sea and Me Storytime: 45 min story time aimed at children <5 years old. Rhymes and children’s stories about the ocean + a DIY Ocean Aquarium – sensory play activity

Tuesday 18 – Coastal walk and Talk: Two hour coastal walk and presentation by local environmentalist and scientist Sarah Cosgrove. For all ages. Exploring coastal habitals, current threats, ways to protect.

Wednesday 19 August - Geology Workshop: Two hour workshop run by local geologist Kim Bennett. Will explore how the landscape around Hopetoun was shaped by our oceans over millions of years. Provide hands on learning on how different rock types formed.

Friday 21 August - Sea Shepherd workshop: Two hour workshop on reducing our plastic footprint by Joelie Russell, Sea Shepherds volunteer marine debris coordinator. Explore how to reduce plastic pollution in cosos islands and Arnheim land. For all ages but targeted to youth.

Friday 21 August - Sea and Me Opening Exhibition night for the Sea and Me Competition. Prizes awarded.

Saturday 22 August - Sea Shepherd beach clean-up. Data on what is collected to be recorded and Sea Shepherds' Joelie Russell will provide insight into state of marine debris in our oceans.

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