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Nature is a Fowl Play(ground)

Date: 9 to 15 August 2021 Location: Yongergnow-Ongerup CRC

Have you ever heard of a malleefowl? What about a turtle-frog?

Yongergnow-Ongerup CRC is putting these lesser-known critters in the spotlight for a very special National Science Week.

These mysterious but important creatures work in disguise as they harness the land, creating interesting and unusual land mounds and compost piles. For this event, local zoological and environmental science professionals will give these creatures a voice, exploring their nature and food supplies, how they ‘work’ the land, and how changes and reductions to their environment are making an impact.

Then, get hands-on on around ecological systems with games and activities including creating a mound in a jar, a scat quiz and a real life meet and greet with the event special guests – a malleefowl and turtle-frog.

Nature really can be a fowl playground!

Proudly presented by Yongergnow-Ongerup CRC.

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