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Nyabing Paddock to Plate

Date: 17 August 2021 Location: Nyabing Primary School

How does food get from a farm paddock to our plate?

Learn about all the processes our food goes through before it hits our digestive system in this hands-on event. Grind wheat grains into flour, then turn it into bread or pizza dough; bake cookies and savoury muffins using locally produced lupins; explore local bushtucker and native ingredients to use in everyday cooking, then put it into practice with some delicious lemon myrtle scones!

Beyond local produce, how can kitchen chemistry be used to create new and delicious dishes? Make your own butter, ice cream and popcorn; explore why marshmallows expand, bubble and liquify when heated; make a take-home garden kit to grow your own herbs; and even create your own solar oven! Nyabing Primary School’s Paddock to Plate is the yummiest science you’ll ever do.

Proudly presented by Nyabing Primary School.



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