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Scientist profile: Premier’s Science Award finalist, Belinda Martin

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Belinda Martin is a postdoctoral researcher within the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Western Australia.

Her main area of research area is concerned with the role microbes play in protecting/mitigating or even harming our ecosystems, as well as how they can aid in current and future management of our natural resources. Her research in this area includes:

  • Investigating the role of root and sediment microbes in enhancing seagrass health and restoration

  • Looking at how we can use plants and their associated microbes to clean up oil spills

  • Developing microbial indicators for ecosystem health

  • Understanding the impact of invasive leaf litter and water quality on nutrient cycling in our urban streams.

As well as carrying out primary research, Belinda is also a co-founder of Ooid Scientific, which aims to help scientists translate their research to wider audiences through a visual language (

Thank you to Belinda Martin and Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation WA for providing information and accompanying media. We acknowledge that this content has not been altered from the original intent of the author.



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