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Quantum Road Trip

Date: 14 to 22 August 2021 Location: Southwest Western Australia

Dark matter: one of the greatest mysteries of the universe today. Expand your mind and your sense of wonder with the University of Western Australia’s QDM Lab as they tour WA’s Wheatbelt and Southwest, discussing the fundamentals of dark matter, particle physics and our quantum world.

Hitting a combination of communities and schools across National Science Week, Quantum Road Trip will entertain, engage, and enlighten regional audiences on the world class research happening in WA’s own backyard.

Targeted schools will receive curriculum-aligned teaching resources and information on the physics-focussed career paths youths may wish to follow. Communities and the wider general public will be entertained and inspired through demonstrations and displays that make concepts explored accessible to the masses.

The depths of dark matter have never been so easy to access, or so much fun!

Proudly presented by the University of Western Australia's QDM Lab.

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