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Science Night at the Museum

Date: 19 August 2021 Location: Museum of the Goldfields

Chemistry in the kitchen? How can we use food to create cool and colourful experiments?

Museum of the Goldfields is expanding its annual Science Night at the Museum event beyond the usual local industry showcase, to innovate and inspire the community into the wider world of STEM. In line with the 2021 theme Food: Different by Design, Museum of the Goldfields will turn up the flavour for this year’s event, exploring how different chemical compositions impact taste and behaviour. These chemical foundations have an impact on how we use these foods, how they’re stored and even how they’re produced in the first place!

Get hands-on to create surprising colour changes using vegetables; create and capture gassy mixtures from gas-producing foods; use chemistry to write secret messages using food substances; explore and taste the rainbow with candy chromatography, and so much more! It’s a smorgasbord of science and fun at Science Night at the Museum.

Proudly presented by Museum of the Goldfields.

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