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SCIENCE ROCKS Career Expo 2020 Online

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Great Southern Science Council's annual Science Rocks Career Expo is going online this year as a downloadable Resource Pack for schools and will be launched in a free, interactive, live-streamed session on Monday 15 June 11:30am.

Year 9 High School students, in particular, and anyone with a love for learning can connect to the GSSC’s Youtube channel for the event, and the full Resource Pack with videos and study guides about the work of regional scientists will be available on the GSSC website for download or on USB drive by request.

The GSSC volunteers and science professionals behind this annual showcase of pathways in science, technology, engineering, maths and innovation (STEMI) have shown agility and determination in creating a new format when the face-to-face event was cancelled in response to social distancing to limit the risk of spreading COVID-19.

“The Expo is now in its 7th year, and it has always been a flagship event for the Great Southern Science Council,” says the GSSC Project Coordinator Liz Tanner.

“We are very pleased with this Resource Pack and thank our Great Southern STEMI community, funding partners and local videographers who supported the re-imagined format.”

Traditionally offering presentations and Q&A opportunities with local researchers, exploration of instrumentation and hands-on science displays to hundreds of High Schoolers from the region, the “Science Rocks Career Expo” Resource Pack allows students to meet STEMI professionals digitally this year – and beyond.

The Resource Pack features the recorded launch event, eight video interviews and two promotional trailers, produced by Green Man Media Productions in their Albany studio, three field trip video experiences and a bundle of Study Guides with extension activities and curriculum links designed to inspire further exploration of each STEMI topic.

“The quality and diversity of STEMI professionals in the Great Southern is really remarkable,” says Chair of the GSSC and Curtin University academic Katy Evans. “It is important for school students in the region to realise that STEMI careers are all around them, and not just tucked away in metropolitan campuses.”

The live-streamed launch of the “Science Rocks Careers Expo” 2020 and Resource Pack will be hosted by The University of Western Australia’s Great Southern Marine Research Facility in Albany, with a panel of three local science professionals who are looking forward to questions from students, educators and community members.

The Great Southern Science Council worked closely with funding and project partners at Inspiring Australia, the Museum of the Great Southern, the Southern Ports Authority, Regional Development Australia Great Southern, the Great Southern Development Commission, and Curtin University, to put funds to best use and produce a resource with longevity.

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We thank Great Southern Science Council for contributing this information and accompanying video. We acknowledge that this content has not been altered from the original intent of the author.

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Jane Goldsmith
Jane Goldsmith
Jun 22, 2020

Fantastic work, Great Southern Science Council!

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