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Scouts WA - Scouting@Home

Saturday 15 Aug - Sunday 16 Aug | 12.00pm


Scouts WA have adapted to Scouting@Home due to the Covid-19 social restrictions so this event will be a Scouting@Home virtual STEM “camp”.

Scouts WA membership is open to all youth in Western Australia from 5 - 25 supported by volunteer adult members. STEM & Innovation is a target area in the new youth program for Scouts Australia, recognising STEM as a key area within a youth organisation.

The weekend event will be a virtual “camp” program over 24 hours which will include

- STEM challenges which encompass the age range of 5 – 25 and various abilities and interests of participants; eg. tower building, mapping activities, simple chemistry using common items, design challenges for older participants.

- A STEM based photo scavenger hunt including themes of beach/ocean, bush and urban environments.

- Participating in citizen science projects using app-based programs eg. Frog ID, wildlife explorer, weather detective.

- An evening program of self-guided astronomy, and a Science quiz delivered via Zoom.

- Members encouraged to camp at their home in tents/cubby house etc.

The week leading up to the “camp” will include online incursions with Fizzics Education to engage Scout groups in STEM activities and discussions during their weekly Scout meeting. This will engage Scouts in STEM activities in the lead up to the virtual “camp”. Click here for more information.

We thank Scouts WA for contributing this information. We acknowledge that the content has not been altered from the original intent of the author.

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