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Star Gazing at the Junction

Date: 14 August 2021 Location: Town Amphitheatre and Pavilion

Take advantage of velvety black skies and a very special visit from Perth Observatory this National Science Week, as the Shire of Upper Gascoyne brings the beginnings of possible Astrotourism Town status to the Gascoyne Junction township.

Star Gazing at the Junction will bring the mastery of the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, nebulas and star clusters to life, with telescopes set to the most wonderous and impressive celestial bodies in the sky.

In an event bringing together a geographically separated community, participants will receive explanations from Perth Observatory speakers and local Inggara indigenous representatives on various constellations and astro-phenomena, to bring awareness and appreciation about the same sky we all live under.

Camp ovens will also be set across the event site, allowing attending children to prepare a dinner of delicious, bush tucker-based dishes for their families.

Proudly presented by Shire of Upper Gascoyne.

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