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RBWG: Stopmotion project makes a splash!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Inspiring WA regional hub Roebuck Bay Working Group and Yawuru Land and Sea Unit was recently proud to partner with the Year 5 Kimberley Primary Extension and Academic Challenge (PEAC) class, to create an amazing series of animations called Making a splash - Taking care of Roebuck Bay.

The PEAC group focused learning about the local wildlife around Broome and Roebuck Bay. With many of these animals unique and precious, it was decided that they would like to make the community more aware of these great creatures and how they can be protected. Guest speakers from the Roebuck Bay Working Group, the Broome Bird Observatory and Broome Sea-grass Monitoring came into the classroom and shared knowledge, answered questions and gave students hands on experience with animals and equipment used.

The students were bursting with information and set to work creating Stop Motion Animations (SMA), each week during PEAC class. The task was to create a short film that would appeal to a large audience, share accurate information and have an overarching message about protecting animals in Roebuck Bay. Using a range of media and technology five short films were produced on iconic Roebuck Bay marine life with the hope that people will help protect our wonderful wildlife.

Roebuck Bay Working Group extends its gratitude to Hannah Carnegie, Kimberley Regional PEAC Coordinator/ Teacher and her wonderful students for ‘Taking Care of Roebuck Bay!'

Want to see more? Review the whole collection of these amazing videos on the Roebuck Bay Working Group website!

We thank Roebuck Bay Working Group for contributing this information and accompanying videos. We acknowledge that this content has not been altered from the original intent of the author.

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Jane Goldsmith
Jane Goldsmith
Jun 22, 2020

These stop-motion videos are wonderful - so impressive. Well done Roebuck Bay Working Group!

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