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Tiny Scientists

Date: 20 August 2021 Location: The Rocks Laneway, Geraldton

Lifelong learning is a foundation of STEM education, and when is a better time to build a love of these subjects than early childhood?

Tiny Scientists, a Science Exploration and Discovery event, is a curriculum-linked activity world aimed at inspiring and cultivating STEM enjoyment in Geraldton’s youngest generation. Zero to eight year olds and their families are invited to join with Geraldton Community Toy Library for National Science Week, to explore foundational science concepts through eight play-based discovery stations, and an interactive Children’s Science Show.

Experiment with buoyancy in Sink or Float Water Play; explore fundamentals of microscopic matter through Microscope Discovery; discover all the colours of the rainbow in Light & Colour Exploration; warp sound and vibrations in Playing with Sound and much, much more!

Participants will also explore chemistry in practice in the Children’s Science Show, including observing some mind-blowing chemical changes, how material properties can be altered though exposure to different chemicals, and how different substances can be combined for a particular purpose.

Proudly presented by Geraldton Community Toy Library.



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