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Who’s Singing Underwater?

Date: 19 to 21 August 2021 Location: Police Pools Reserve, Katanning

As a small, inland town with annual rainfall of less than 400mm, Katanning is not a town normally associated with water habitats. But its unique environment does allow for the development of ephemeral (aka temporary) waterbodies, which in turn, provide space to some fascinating aquatic life.

Katanning Landcare will take on this subject matter in their two Who’s Singing Underwater events – the first targeting people of cultural and linguistic diversity, and another focussed on families with children.

Participants will use a hydrophone (underwater microphone) to listen to the cacophony of sounds occurring underwater, and then use macroinvertebrate sampling techniques to identify the range of species present – hopefully working out whose “voice” is adding which sound to the “chorus”.

Life without constant water? Prepare to be very surprised by just how many creatures lurk below the surface!

Proudly presented by Katanning Landcare.

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