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South west science council

The South West Science Council is a not-for-profit regional community organisation.
Those with a special interest in some aspect of science or the application of scientific knowledge in addressing economic, environmental and/or social challenges.

The South West Science Council highlights the value of science and innovation and their application for regional benefit.

Providing a voice for science in the South West

South West Science Council achieves its aims through partnerships with industry, schools, universities, technical institutions, government departments and adult education.

The Council provides coordination and integration of scientific effort in a region that is increasingly recognised for its quality assured agrifood industries, mining and remediation, unique small businesses, biodiversity and tourism.


There are risks and challenges that need to be identified, evaluated and countered but also opportunities for smart solutions to be found and implemented. To fulfill these objectives the SWSC encourages and links academic, industry and applied researchers with local communities and organisations to improve community understanding, knowledge and participation in sustainable development of the region.

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