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Feeling inspired? Deeper Blue for National Science Week lets you not only learn about issues that matter, but experience them for yourself! 
Get involved and you'll be up to win some fantastic prizes!

Maker Challenge

Oceans Innovations Challenge

What’s one innovation we could apply in WA, to benefit ocean health?


Share your suggestion, and you could win the support to make your idea a reality.


Register to receive the full details of how to enter, including examples of local and international ideas.


The winner gets more than $3500 worth of support, including:

  • 1 year co-working, pro-bono legal and accounting and mentoring at Bloom

  • Meetings and introductions to get advice

  • 10 weeks of mentoring from For Blue

  • Free tickets to WA’s premiere innovation festivals in December

What are you waiting for? Register now, and we'll send you all the information you need to get started.


We’d love to see your inspiration and ideas shared on social media tagging


#deeperblue2020 #SolveitwithSTEM #scienceweek

Entry for the Oceans Innovation Challenge will close at 5pm on Sunday 23rd August. T&Cs apply.


Thinker Challenge 

An ROV Cuttlefish Challenge

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a marine scientist could look like? Now is your chance to find out! 


Enter the challenge below to win the opportunity to spend a day with the Engineers at GeoOceans - marine engineering specialists who use underwater robots to monitor marine life in the sea.


These guys use Remotely Operated Vehicles - ROVs, to dive deep into the blue and survey different marine species.


To prepare you for your day at GeoOceans, register for the Cuttlefish Challenge below where you’ll be sent all the tools you need to have a practice run at surveying cuttlefish using videos taken from a GeoOceans ROV.


Register to get started and we’ll send you all the information you need!

We’d love to see your cuttlefish counting shared on social media tagging


#deeperblue2020 #SolveitwithSTEM #scienceweek

Entry via the ROV Cuttlefish Challenge will close at 5pm on Sunday 23rd August. T&Cs apply.

Challenge rego
Seaweed Spheres - Drops.jpg

Changemaker Challenge # 2

Make your own

Seaweed Spheres

One of the greatest contributors of plastic pollution in our oceans are single-use plastics which have been littering our coasts, endangering our wildlife and polluting our oceans. 


Sign up to make Seaweed Spheres-plastic free water bubbles made from sodium alginate which is derived from seaweed. These bubbles are 100% edible, entertaining,environmentally friendly and easily made at home!


To take the challenge and go in the prize draw:

  1. Register and request your Seaweed Sphere pack. This is limited to 100 participants. Everyone who registers and receives a Seaweed Sphere pack will go in the draw.

  2. Follow the instructions in the video or download the instructions.

Want to show everyone what you made? Post your final product on social media! Hashtag #deeperblue2020

#SolveitwithSTEM #scienceweek

Seaweed Sphere challenge has been very popular, is fully subscribed and no longer available.

This challenge is open only to WA residents. T&Cs apply.

Plastic Polluted Ocean

Changemaker Challenge # 1

Go Plastic-Free!

By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. WOAH. 


It’s up to all us to be the change we want to see in the world if we’re to make a plastic-free future come to life. Are you brave enough to make a start?


Challenge #1: Take part in Plastic Free July, and quit single-use plastics for the month! To take the challenge and go in the prize draw:

1. Sign-up for Plastic Free July:

2. Register your details after you’ve committed to the challenge and include a screenshot of your Plastic Free July sign-up or confirmation email.

Why not share your challenge on social media? Tag #deeperblue2020 #SolveitwithSTEM #scienceweek

Entry via the ‘Plastic Free July’ Challenge will close on Friday 31st July.​ T&Cs apply.
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