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Drone above an Ocean

Deeper BLue


Connect with inspirational, relatable stars working in science and innovation for our oceans!
These webinars will focus on their journeys and your questions on how to do something similar. Everyone who participates goes in the draw to win one of three experiences with the stars.
Join up and get inspired!
ROV Engineering webinar recording
Oceanpreneurs webinar recording
Maker's Webinar:
The Ocean-preneurs
Wednesday 22 July, 4pm to 4:45pm AWST

Meet the start-ups who are changing the future of our oceans, alongside their founders and the big visions behind them!

Our stars have transformed their passion for the ocean and the wicked problems they’ve experienced into sustainable, successful start-ups.

Hosts Andrew Outhwaite and Elizabeth Knight can’t wait to present:

This stellar line-up of ocean-preneurs are living proof that you don’t have to make your passion your side hustle, in fact you can make a difference and a living from it too.

Join us for an epic event celebrating the awesome innovations happening under the sea. 

Changemaker's Webinar:
The Sea Changers
Wednesday 29 July, 6 to 6:45pm AWST

Join our panel of ocean scientists as they discuss how to build a career driven by your passion for making the world a better place. They’ve made it their life’s work to reduce the impact of plastic on our oceans.

Hosts Andrew Outhwaite and Elizabeth Knight can’t wait to share the virtual stage with:

Our changemakers are doing more than just talking about change; they’re pioneers, leading the way in oceans plastic research and action.

Learn from their journeys, frustrations, and their visions for the future. Most importantly, what you can do today to create a career that’s both environmentally and financially sustainable.

Sea Changers
Thinker's Webinar:
Engineering the future of the Deep Blue
Wednesday 5 August, 6 to 6:45pm AWST

This webinar will showcase a group of awe-inspiring science stars, whose seemingly ordinary beginnings have taken them to places far from the norm. Each has started or landed in engineering-based adventures, in entirely different ways from each other.

Hosts Andrew Outhwaite and Elizabeth Knight can’t wait to share the virtual stage and the journeys of:

From venturing to the deepest depths in the ocean, counting giant colourful cuttlefish in reefs along the South Australian coastline, to making waves in the fight for gender equality in STEM, our stars have some great stories to tell of their experiences enabled by the deep blue.

Each has fused their passion for science, engineering and inventing with a love for the ocean and the planet we all call home. The result? Careers that are dynamic, diverse and authentically their own, driven by a fierce determination to learn, explore and discover.

You are not just an engineer, but an engineer of something. So, what change will your studies enable in the world? What opportunities might it create for your future?

Engineering the future
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