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A Day @ DNA Zoo

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Wednesday 19 August | 9:30am - 3:15pm


Our planet is experiencing biodiversity loss at a rate never seen before. Human-caused climate change has brought us to the brink of catastrophic environmental damage. CONSERVATION GENOMICS is an innovative and emerging area that can play a powerful role in saving our species!

Bioinformatics + BIG DATA + Biodiversity = Conservation Genomics

This one-day online event will showcase the exciting work of a unique global collaborative project by DNA Zoo. Since 2018 DNA Zoo have mapped over 100 endangered species genomes using innovative, open access software encouraging a global effort to save our species.

PLUS… you will get a sneak peak at a new social enterprise, BioBarcode Australia. You will get to see their cool new way of bringing DNA technologies to schools and the community. Jump online to watch a live DNA lab investigation in action - with 10 lucky Perth schools able to participate in real time! They will receive a loan kit of equipment and reagents and will be guided by a guest DNA Zookeeper in person at their school on the day.

Suitable for Years 10,11,12 STEM focused students.

Highlights of the day include:

Director of DNA Zoo Australia, Assoc Prof Parwinder Kaur will lead you through the amazing process of 3D chromosome mapping. This incredible tool provides highly accurate genome assemblies for $1000! You can even take a walk-through Chromosome 11 using VR!

Dinner@DNA Zoo is a 3-part laboratory activity brought to you by BioBarcode Australia. You will get to investigate how our Australian mammals can have the fussiest of diets …it’s all in their genes of course!

DNA ZOO Keepers (a combined team of scientists from DNA Zoo and BioBarcode Australia) share their stories with students to inspire and inform about a pathway to become a DNA Zookeeper!

BioBarcode Australia’s Director, Pauline Charman, will share with teachers updated links for this STEM focused career pathways. How does it fit into the curriculum - it’s NOT just Biology! Links include Computer Science and Maths.

We cross live to the Pawsey Super Computing Centre to see and hear about the latest genome data being processed …our precious Rottnest Island Quokka.

For information on webinar links, application to participate (Perth Metro High Schools only) and full program, please register your interest with !

Registrations open Monday 20 July 2020!

We thank DNA Zoo AUS (University of Western Australia) and BioBarcode for contributing this information. We acknowledge that the content has not been altered from the original intent of the author.

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