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Shire of Dandaragan libraries receive STEM Resources in Pilot Program

Updated: May 10, 2023

Inspiring WA recently funded a pilot program to increase Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) resources in regional Western Australian libraries. Libraries in the Shire of Dandaragan (Cervantes, Jurien Bay, Badgingarra and Dandaragan) were the first to receive their new Children's Discovery resources and training. With the new resources the libraries will be able to offer hands-on science discovery workshops to their communities!

The Big Bang Science Workshops will allow young children to explore electronics, earth sciences, engineering, fossils and circuits. Interactive workshops will include building an erupting volcano, soldering an electronic gadget and creating a fizzy dinosaur egg! More details on the four workshops offered are below.

Also involved in the pilot project are Denmark Library who began receiving their Big Bang training on Wednesday 16 November and the Shire of Ashburton Libraries (Onslow, Pannawonica, Paraburdoo and Tom Price) who will receive training for the Little Bang Discovery Club next month.

The libraries will begin offering workshops in the coming weeks. For more information on dates for the science workshops and how to enrol your child, please contact Jurien Bay Library.

Veronica Maher - Jurien Bay Library

Phone: (08) 9652 0810

Big Bang Science Workshops

1. Dinosaur Doings

Join palaeontologists in exploring the prehistoric world of dinosaurs through fossils and make a fizzy dinosaur egg to take home!

Have a roar-some time exploring the prehistoric world of dinosaurs! In this workshop we explore the science of fossils, making a dinosaur impression fossil and learning how we know so much about creatures that went extinct 65 million years ago. Create a fizzy dinosaur egg to take home to hatch.

2. Quake ‘n’ Shake

Experience mother nature at its best… and worst by constructing your own working model volcano and testing structures on our earthquake platform.

Experience the destruction of one of nature’s most ferocious forces firsthand in this explosive workshop. Explore how and why volcanoes erupt and make a working model volcano with a bicarb soda and vinegar eruption! Construct an earthquake proof structure to test out on our earthquake platform in an arms race between mother nature and humanity.

3. All Wired Up

Get all wired up with real-world circuitry using LEDs, switches, motors and buzzers, and discover the role and function of these common electronic components.

Don’t get your wires crossed as we get all wired up! In this workshop we explore the fundamentals of electricity, creating simple circuits using Snap-on TM electronics kits. Experiment with electronic circuits using wires, LEDs, switches, motors, buzzers and batteries, and quickly discover how complicated they can get!

4. MadLab®

Learn the safe use of a soldering iron while constructing your own electronic gadget.

Experience electronics at its most fundamental! In this workshop we master the skill of soldering and use it to construct an electronic gadget. Some options might be to create a face with flashing lights for eyes, catch your friends out with a lie detector or even design a device to make all your decisions for you. (Age 8+)

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