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Taking care of Roebuck Bay - 2022 series

In 2022 a new group of Year 6 students from a Kimberley Primary Extension and Academic Challenge (PEAC) class produced a short series of Stop Motion Animations to showcase the wildlife of Roebuck Bay. After conducting their own research - and seeking help from a few experts - the students set to work to create their Stop Motion Animations.

Three iconic Roebuck Bay marine life groups were represented this year: turtles, crocodiles and shorebirds. The animations tell stories of the behaviour of these animals and explain how to help protect the wonderful wildlife.

The animations were made available to share with Broome residents and beyond, check them out:

1. The Life of a Turtle

2. Be Crocwise

3. Shorebirds

Many thanks to Roebuck Bay Working Group, Science on the Broome Cost and Kimberley Regional PEAC teachers and students for these animations.



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