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What is the outlook for WA's food future? How will we produce food in a warming climate, how will water scarcity impact us, and how might our diet change?

As a part of our 2021 featured events, we are proud to present the National Science Week Season Special within the award-winning Generation Ag podcast. 

This millennial-focussed podcast series explores content relating to the agricultural, food production, water, and climate change spheres, as well as the personal stories of people working within these areas. Episodes air on a fortnightly basis until the end of August.

Join Agricultural and Environmental Engineer Dr Valeria Lima & environmental engineer Dr Ben Cole in a discussion on water, farming and the role environmentalism can play in building a sustainable economy.


Join Future Green Solutions Managing  Director Luke Wheat, and PhD student Katarina Doherty, in a discussion on flies and fish, and how they can play a part in Australia's food future.

Fishing Net

Join microbial generalist Dr Bede Mickan on his journey from a high school dropout to Bachelor degree, Masters and a PhD-holder and how he's using science to crack down on food waste.

Domestic Waste Bin

Join Prof. Michelle Colgrave & Dr Bryan Lessard, both from CSIRO, to discuss mass spectrometry and proteomics use in our livestock and plant industries, as well as impacts of flies in the food chain.

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National Science Week WA Coordinating Committee members:
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