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Our amazing National Science Week online festival showcases how to build a career with your passion, while using one of the world's most powerful resources: the ocean.
Watch our videos, sign up for a webinar, participate in a challenge and  be in the running to win some awesome prizes!
Wednesday 22 July, 4-4:45pm

Why choose a career when you can create one?

In this webinar we’ll be showcasing start-ups who are changing the future of our oceans for the better, their founders and the big visions behind them.

Wednesday 29 July, 6-6:45pm

Creating plastic-free futures - for yourself and the planet too.

Join our panel of ocean scientists as they discuss how to build a career driven by your passion for making the world a better place.  

Wednesday 5 August, 6-6:45pm

Showcasing a group of awe-inspiring science stars, whose seemingly ordinary beginnings have really taken them places.


Each has started or landed in engineering-based adventures, in entirely different ways from each other.

Deeper Blue challenges

Feeling inspired? Participate in our National Science Week challenges and get in the running to win some fabulous prizes! We have activities tailored to get you thinking, learning, and making a difference to our oceans.

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Meet Pete at The Ocean-preneurs Webinar

Wednesday 22 July, 4pm to 4:45pm AWST

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