National science week

Get on board with  Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology! 
Running each year in August, National Science Week features more than 1000 events around the country and engages more than 1 million people!

Science Week Events

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Citizen Science

People of all ages can engage in science programs across the state, country and the world.

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Virtual Excursions

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The Honorable


The Western Australian Government is committed to ensuring we have a population equipped with the knowledge and capability necessary to thrive in the twenty-first century.

Western Australia is a world leader in many areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), including radioastronomy and space, digital technology and data, agriculture, resources and the environment.


The Western Australian Government recognises that strong STEM skills are essential if we're to have a globally competitive and innovative workforce that can drive Western Australia's technological future and create jobs.


As we look to the future, it is imperative that we continue to lead this innovation by communicating the importance of STEM skills to our children, and getting involved in the range of effective outreach and citizen science programs that Inspiring Australia has to offer Western Australians.


National Science Week is an opportunity for people of all ages to learn about the value and application of STEM in fun and engaging ways, and it is a fantastic way for teachers and parents to incite young people to be curious about the world.


This is a great example of how we can work together to build a strong STEM culture and engage people in conversations about the possibilities of STEM – now and in future. I thank the Western Australian Coordinating Committee for their efforts and the sponsors for their continued support of this important initiative.

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