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Science collides with Fringe World

Fringe world kicks off in Perth this week! To celebrate we've rounded up the five best science-themed shows for adults.

Atomically Correct | Friday 19 January - Sunday 21 January | The Old Courthouse

This is the (nuclear) fusion you've been waiting for! A science comedy that explores how, even though we're mostly nothing, we all still matter.

Unravel the mysteries from inside the atom with award-winning Rachel Rayner, Science Explainer. Delve into language, lies, quantum-level realities, and the happy accident that is the human race. There are sure to be plenty of puns - all particularly smashing. Whatever your state, it'll be a quarking good time.

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The Wine Science Show | Friday 19 January - Sunday 21 January | The Old Courthouse

If one science comedy show isn't enough for you, you're in luck! Performing at the same venue and on the same dates as Atomically Correct is The Wine Science Show, presented by Victoria's Luke Morris.

It's MythBusters meets stand-up comedy, as Luke blends psychology, biology, physics and history. Packed with all the necessary scientific knowledge of a high-quality tipple with plenty of sparkling wit.

Click here to learn more.

Dome Date Night | Friday 2 February - Sunday 10 February | Scitech Planetarium

Presented by Perth's largest science engagement organisation, Scitech are back to explore how the universe and our relationships are alike with their new show - The Ripples of Romance.

Just like the universe - relationships are a complex journey.  Venture through space and time as they travel to the ends of the universe, reminiscing on your first date and comparing it to the ancient romances written in the stars. Explore the enchantment of the night sky in their full-dome Planetarium, with amazing science communicators to guide you through the cosmos.

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Science Magic XXX | Friday 19 February - Sunday 10 February | Varsity - Northbridge

Science! Sex! Stand-up! Triple award-winning Irish comedian and scientist, Donal Vaughan is a stand-up comedian. He also has an acclaimed sell-out science show for children. Now he’s doing an adult version of his kids shows. Get ready for a raunchy science comedy show, strictly for adults only. Donal will perform amazing science tricks, interspersed with hilarious comedy. Always rude and sometimes very messy, laugh your ass off and learn about science in a unique show that needs to be seen to be believed.

Click here to learn more.

The Birds & the Bees | Saturday 17 February & Sunday 18 February | Belgian Beer Cafe

Dr Kit, WA's Bee Babette, is back to present her sexy science comedy The Birds & the Bees! This titillating exploration into the honey-sweet science of plant sex aka pollination will have you laughing and loving about all things bees. Full of bee puns, buzzy facts, and audience engagement, you’ll never look at flowers or bees the same way again!

Click here to learn more.

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